The Perks of Using a Patient Portal


A patient portal, such as Lutheran’s MyChart, is a secure online account that gives patients of SCL Health providers access to their personal health information. It enables you to communicate directly with your healthcare provider, and gives you quick access to tools and features that allow you to more easily manage you and your family’s health.

The portal is part of your electronic health record (EHR)—an electronic version of your medical chart. Any provider who is authorized to access your records can view and add information in your EHR. 

When you log on to MyChart, you can:

  • Review, add to and track your medications, immunizations, allergies and medical history
  • Be notified by text or email of test and lab results online—no waiting for a phone call or letter
  • Review discharge instructions
  • Send secure non-emergency messages to your healthcare team
  • Submit a prescription renewal request securely to your healthcare team
  • See available times and schedule appointments online
  • Review past and future appointments

MyChart is a valuable way to take a more active role in your own healthcare. Learn more and activate your account at today.