From the Vice President


As a wife, mother, physician and hospital executive, I have spent a lot of time taking care of others. I’m the first to admit that taking care of my own health is not always my first priority. Yet, we know as women and as doctors that our health has to be optimal so that we can continue to be the caregivers.

As a woman, I know that cardiovascular disease is still the number one cause of death in women in the U.S. As a physician, I also know that it is largely preventable. What I want to tell women especially is that the classic view of heart attack—occurring mostly to men over age 55—doesn’t apply to you. Women are just as much at risk.

Please, join me in paying attention to your own health so you can care for your loved ones too. Learn all you can about the three pillars of heart disease: prevention, early treatment and adherence to the recommended treatment.

Adherence is a hot topic right now in health care. It’s essential for people to understand their medications, the side effects and the risks of not taking them. I think physicians sometimes underestimate how important that is.

Over the course of my career in emergency medicine, I’ve gained an interest in heart disease and become active with the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology. At Lutheran, everyone involved in cardiac care is committed to doing the right work to care for our patients with heart disease. I’m proud of the work we do and proud to lead that team in educating our patients and helping them return to a healthy life.

Tina Johnson, MD,
VP, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Lutheran Medical Center