February is anything but slow at Lutheran - Spring 2015

February always seems like it should be the slow time of year.

At Lutheran, it is anything but slow! We are in the middle of flu and cold season, and our Emergency Department remains one of the busiest in the state, serving people with illnesses and injuries on a daily basis.

Even as we renovate the old space into a place that truly serves our patients better, I marvel at how smoothly and how well the staff and physicians care for each person who comes through the door. The new Emergency Department will be complete later this spring, and will continue to serve our community for many years to come.

Come springtime, we will be gearing up for some of our big events, such as the Leaves of Hope Run/Walk and Cancer Survivors Celebration, which happens on June 7. Besides being a day filled with exercise, celebrations and entertainment, it’s our biggest fundraiser for cancer programs at Lutheran.

We are a part of your community and I hope you will join us for classes, groups or events that might be of interest to you or your family.