Do You Really Need a Birth Plan?

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You may have heard about birth plans and wonder if you need one.

The answer is that it’s totally up to you. You don’t need to have a birth plan, but it can be a helpful tool to make sure your wishes for your baby’s birth are known.

What is a birth plan?

A birth plan is a written summary of what you want during your labor and delivery. Here are some things you might want to include:

  • Any special instructions for your room, such as dim lighting or quiet

  • What type of pain medicines you plan to use, if any

  • Any special options during labor, such as a birthing ball, a birthing chair or a warm bath

  • Any positions you’d like to try for labor, such as standing, moving around, sitting or lying down

  • What type of support you would like during labor, such as massage or help with breathing

  • Who you would like to cut the umbilical cord, and if you’d like to have the cord blood saved

  • If you want your baby to remain in your room with you after birth, or if your baby can spend time in the nursery

  • How you plan to feed your baby

  • If you would like your male baby circumcised

  • Any religious or spiritual traditions you would like to follow when your baby is born

According to Plan

It’s a good idea to come up with your birth plan at least a few weeks before your due date and review it with your doctor. Remember that not all births go exactly as planned. Your birth plan may need to be adjusted during your labor or delivery to keep you or your baby safe.

You may also find that you change your mind as you’re going through labor. That’s fine, too. Think of your birth plan as a guide rather than a tablet written in stone.


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