Getting New Moms and Newborns Off to a Good Start

If you're expecting a baby or have just welcomed a newborn, Lutheran Medical Center offers many services to support you if you choose to breast feed.

“Breast milk is perfectly designed for babies—it’s easy to digest, it protects against childhood illnesses and it promotes optimal growth and development,” says lactation consultant Karen Rhoades, Clinical Coordinator for Family Education. “But it may not come easily or naturally for all mothers. Our goals are to help moms overcome obstacles to breast-feeding and enjoy the experience.”


Introduction to Breast-Feeding:

This 2.5-hour class is for women in their seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and covers the basics of breast-feeding, including establishing an abundant milk supply, positioning the baby at the breast and returning to work while breast-feeding. The class is offered twice a month.

Mom and Baby Care

Lutheran has eight International Board Certified Lactation Consultants®, registered nurses who specialize in breast-feeding. A lactation consultant visits all new mothers at least once during their hospital stay to help get them and their babies off to a good start. Skilled labor & delivery and mom-baby nurses also help mothers start to breast-feed during the “golden hour” immediately after birth to promote bonding, and they continue to assist throughout the hospital stay.

Breast-Feeding Consultations

All mothers are offered a private follow-up appointment with a lactation consultant at the hospital in the first week after birth to check on the baby’s progress and trouble- shoot any concerns. These appointments are usually covered by insurance. Lactation consultants also staff a breast-feeding phone hotline seven days a week.

Breast-Feeding Support Group

This group meets every Wednesday morning and is open to all new mothers, including those who have not delivered their babies at Lutheran. “Many mothers attend regularly for a number of months to get advice from our lactation consultants and support each other,” Rhoades says. Many stay for the Connecting Mamas support group immediately afterward, which features presentations from experts on baby care.

We’re very proud of our breast-feeding programs, which have been recognized by both the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners®

We also support our employees who are new mothers by providing a private breast pumping lounge. We truly believe that breast-feeding is an investment in our children’s future, and we take every opportunity to encourage it for our patients, staff and community.
— Karen Rhoades


At Lutheran, we know that breast-feeding is the healthiest option for baby. Our lactation consultants are available to help you succeed. Lutheran also offers a modern facility with plenty of options for your childbirth experience.

To schedule a tour of our Birth Center, or to schedule an appointment with a lactation consultant, call 303-425-2229.